Belgium 21~25 nov 2021 Brussels -

Foundation for Social Inclusion through Informal Education
Foundation for Social Inclusion through Informal Education
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Summer 2022: Iceland!
As part of ERASMUS+ Adult education Erwin is planning an educational trip to Reykjavik (Iceland) for a training of interactive media and online educative projects to implement information and technology towards online education and the usage of digital media as a service
Published by Erwin van Reijn - 15/12/2021
Belgium: Brussel
Ági was in Brussel: "Erasmus+ Goes Greener" Look on the projectpage for her report :-)
Published by - 26/11/2021
Cyprus: Paphos
Ági was with Livia at Cyprus for an Arts course. See the project presentation for more details ;-)
Published by - 15/10/2021
Bulgaria: Varna
Bulgaria was a real youngsters succes! Look on the projects page for more details ;-)
Published by - 16/9/2021

Belgium 21~25 nov 2021 Brussels

Organised by the National Agencies of Norway, Belgium FR, Portugal, Romania, Germany,  and Hungary.
21-25/11/2021 – Brussels – Belgium  

This meeting is also to get along with other organisations and to build up good international relationships and partnerships.
We are very pleased to have been able to participate and represent Inf-O in this program. This time the partnership-building activity is based on green project ideas. How can be Erasmus greener, more sustainable? This depends on us, but not always easy to figure out new ideas. Working together as a team is more effective and efficient. Now we feel this power.  From now on, we are also striving to make our projects greener.
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