Foundation for Social Inclusion through Informal Education
Foundation for Social Inclusion through Informal Education
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Summer 2022: Iceland!
As part of ERASMUS+ Adult education Erwin is planning an educational trip to Reykjavik (Iceland) for a training of interactive media and online educative projects to implement information and technology towards online education and the usage of digital media as a service
Published by Erwin van Reijn - 15/12/2021
Belgium: Brussel
Ági was in Brussel: "Erasmus+ Goes Greener" Look on the projectpage for her report :-)
Published by - 26/11/2021
Cyprus: Paphos
Ági was with Livia at Cyprus for an Arts course. See the project presentation for more details ;-)
Published by - 15/10/2021
Bulgaria: Varna
Bulgaria was a real youngsters succes! Look on the projects page for more details ;-)
Published by - 16/9/2021
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After a long time of silence, thanks to COVID19, we finally can do new projects again!

And off we go!

The first project was from 7 till 14 september 2021 at Varna in Bulgaria!
This was the Erasmus+ Youthworker mobility project
De participants from our foundation where Daniël Szabó, Máté Berendi and Ágnes Dajka!
They had a great time at Bulgaria and learned a lot!
If you want to read and see more click on "me"

New approved projects are coming up!

- Erasmus+ Adult education staff mobility at Cyprus with our participant of Livia Szabados!
  This is an art and creativity with mosaic skills enhancement project with stress management and   mindfullness
UPDATE! Livia has succesfully fulfilled her project at Cyprus! For more info look at the project page of her project!

- PBA Erasmus+ gets Greener: Ági participates as the representative of this foundation in Brussel!
UPDATE! Ági has fulfilled this project with great results!

- Iceland with Erwin van Reijn! UPDATE! This project is postponed due to COVID19 towards Summer 2022
  Erasmus+ Adult staff education mobility.
  He will learn to improve and enhance digital skills regarding the production of e-learning systems, game-  based learning and using new technologies and meda.

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