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Foundation for Social Inclusion through Informal Education
Foundation for Social Inclusion through Informal Education
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Bulgaria 21~29 may 2022 Burgas

The project called "Sport in You(th)" was organised by one of our partners in Burgas (Bulgaria): "Health Growth Center"

A team of youngsters fromout our foundation had jopined this mobility with loads of pleasure!
They all enjoyed the program what was partly theoretical, but also big parts with (sports) activities.
The team existed of :

- Szabó Daniel
- Szabó Ádám
- Berendi Maté
- Attila Király
- Csanád Arató
- Ádám

- Szabó Lórant (guide for Szabó Ádám who is underage)
Responses of our candidates who participated in this program:

Csanád Arató:
- " What I  enjoyed the most in this Youth Exchange program was the community wich provided a great team where you learned a lot about all the other countries' culture"

Ádám, Szabó:
- " I enjoyed most the community and diversity, but also the international evening where i could taste specialties fromout different countries"

Daniel Szabó:
- " In my first time as a teamleader, my biggest challenge was the getting- and keeping attention of the Hungarian team."

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