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Foundation for Social Inclusion through Informal Education
Foundation for Social Inclusion through Informal Education
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Catch & Sketch 10~15 okt 2022 Porto

The end of January we closed our project called Catch&Sketch Youth Ideas. The project was 6 days international training program for the development of professional and personal competencies between 10-16th of October, with the participation of Hungary (as the project coordinator), Portugal (as the host), Lithuania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania. The youth workers involved such as social workers, teachers, project managers, program organizers all have many years of experience in the field of youth work and are in different kinds of direct contact (organizing leisure programs, summer camps, sports activities) with young people aged between 13 and 30 from informal groups, school class communities, athletes, groups delegated by the school, and non-governmental institution in the context of cultural organization for disabled, disadvantaged, talented young people. Participants are also actively involved in activities that meet the internationalization strategic goals of their own organization. Therefore, their English language skills were adequated to participate in the training.
The visual sketchnoting is a tool by combining simple images and keywords in order to synthesize information. These can be used wide range in the group of young people. Most of them  are visually mindful, therefore visualization is a very effective way of learning, and associated with the development of many competences, has been confirmed by several studies. Analog visualization tools, among other things, help with communication, self-expression, develop creativity, the ability to learn and focus. Sketchnoting helps to understand the chosen topic deeper to create effective and visual reminders, highlight connections, and to structure ideas.
These are extremely important in the digital age when we experience a drastic decline in the ability of young people’s attention and concentration. Youth workers involved in the project were committed to applying the technique of sketchnoting in their daily work with young people.
In possession of the professional knowledge acquired during the training course, the participants are able to apply the presented visual techniques in their daily work, which promote effective problem solving and decision making, also assistance another way of communication
At the end of the course, participants received Youthpass recognition based on their own self-evaluation.
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