Iceland 14~24 July 2022 Reykjavik -

Foundation for Social Inclusion through Informal Education
Foundation for Social Inclusion through Informal Education
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Iceland 14~24 July 2022 Reykjavik

(personal) report regarding my visit to Reykjavik, Iceland.

The course i followed was inteded for teachers to use digital technology more and on a differend way in their lessons.
With this in mind really all kind of digital technology was used to achief several goals.
From smartphone to tablet, and from ipad to laptop...everything was in use.
For movies also different kind of materials and even toys seemed to be VERY useful to make real interesting projects, subjects and movies.
Think in these subjects the usage of Lego® and also augmented reality, 3D projection, greenscreen movies and picture shot movies.
Next to the viual aspects also the quizing, questionaires, knowledge races and knowledge projection was a big item and VERY interesting

In de movie below you can see me, "dying of thirst" in de middle of the Sahara Desert, while i was in the middle of very far away of the Sahara Desert.
It shows what is possible with "greenscreen" movie technology

The unique surrounding of Reykjavik, The awesome country of Iceland, but the really extraordinary group atmosphere and pretty good teacher, made this course special, and worth it!
I learned a lot of another way to use digital technologies which i for sure can use in the nearby future of our projects!
At this very moment i am writing this report, a questionaire, learned in this course IS in real life active for our own project in Portugal and proves already its useability!

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