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Foundation for Social Inclusion through Informal Education
Foundation for Social Inclusion through Informal Education
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The INF-O Foundation was founded in February, 2020. Therefore, this non-governmental organisation
has not a long history, but the vision is optimistic, positive and hopeful to support informal learning
activities for children-, youth-, and adults:
- with/without disabilities
- with/without fewer opportunities
- with special talents.

Our experience that people with intellectual disabilities/ learning difficulties or with autism spectrum
disorders need lifelong support and care. The lessons which have been learned in the classrooms are only a
small part of their necessities. By the segregated daily situation they are excluded from many mainstream
school programs.
We at INF-O believe that social inclusion and integration can be supported through different kinds of
learning activities which are not connected with the formal education methods. Our experience is that
today there is another interpretation of learning, we do not acquire knowledge only at school. Developing
key competences has become very important recently. Informal learning can cover a lot of interesting
activities for the young people. They can practice soft skills, social interactions, communication and many
other competences as well.
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